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Bill Kushner reads Neighbor

… Bill Kushner and I used to meet and walk. On this August day, I met Bill at the F train at East Broadway, and we walked to Chrystie Street for a lunch special at the Bite of Hong Kong. Bill was pretty much a […]

Wake Me When It’s Over: Bill Kushner at the Poetry Project

… On Wednesday evening, October 10, under the direction of Lewis Warsh and Peter Bushyeager, twenty-two poets, publishers and artists got together to read and celebrate the publication of Wake Me When It’s Over, the selected poems of Bill Kushner that have been edited by […]

Tom Savage reads from 135 Poems, collaborations with Bill Kushner

… The poet Bill Kushner always carried a notebook to write in when the spirit moved him, which was often and anywhere. Bill was a real collaborator too. Collaborating helped the writing process along. For the last two years of his life, Bill and Tom […]

Dorothy Friedman reads Bill Kushner from White Rabbit

… I saw Dorothy Friedman at the memorial reading for Bill Kushner at the Poetry Project in October, and she told me that she too would like to read some poems by Bill, so I asked her to come over to my place, and I […]

Quack by Bill Kushner

… On November 16, 2015 at the Poetry Project in NYC there was a memorial reading for Bill Kushner organized by Stacy Szymaszek, a beautiful tribute to a wonderful poet. The readers were Stacy Szymaszek, Lewis Warsh, Phyllis Wat, Maggie Dubris, Lydia Cortes, Steve Spicehandler, […]

Bill Kushner reads When I Was Five

… On Saturday, September 4, 2010, at Saint Mark’s Church, Bill read When I was Five. It would be published the following year by Sputyen Duyvil in his last book, Walking After Midnight. Bill reads it with all the noise of the traffic and people […]

Bad Boy by Bill Kushner

… … If you don’t want a house guest to walk around naked, never invite Bill Kushner. The man lives nude whenever possible; always trying to get back to the beginning, an Eden perhaps. Bill had some problems in his apartment and stayed with me […]

Bill Kushner reads from Walking After Midnight

… Here Bill reads Robert Frost from his book, Walking After Midnight, at the Poetry Project’s New Year’s Day Marathon at Saint Mark’s Church, NYC, 2014. Walking After Midnight was published by Spuyten Duyvil, NYC, 2011. … … … … Bill recorded I’ll Be Seeing […]

Sonnet 1

… I started to write sonnets in April of 2003. That March, George Bush with the approval of Congress and a whole lot of American people invaded Iraq. I was very opposed to this at the time and still am. I think my urge to […]

Singing Secrets: Interview with Bill Kushner: Questions

… April 10th at the Chelsea Square. I have some questions to ask Bill sent to me by several poets and writers. There is a family eating at the next table chattering away happily. Although I fear Bill won’t be heard I start recording when […]

Singing Secrets: Interview with Bill Kushner: Poetry

… The following Saturday, March 20th, was sunny and wonderful. I spent the morning priming my study, hurrying to Janovic Plaza to order some paint, and got over to the Chelsea Square to talk with Bill who arrived looking very dapper in a floppy cap. […]

Singing Secrets: Interview with Bill Kushner: History

… … I met Bill at the Chelsea Square Restaurant on March 13, 2010 at 3:30 in the afternoon. The day was a stormy downpour. The wind howled down the street first taking one umbrella from me and then the other that I’d bought at […]