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Wake Me When It’s Over: Bill Kushner at the Poetry Project

On Wednesday evening, October 10, under the direction of Lewis Warsh and Peter Bushyeager, twenty-two poets, publishers and artists got together to read and celebrate the publication of Wake Me When It’s Over, the selected poems of Bill Kushner that have been edited by Peter Bushyeager with the help of KB Nemcosky. The readers in alphabetical order were Anselm Berrigan, Edmund Berrigan, Peter Bushyeager, Charlotte Carter, Lydia Cortés, Ken “Angel” Davis, Maggie Dubris, Ed Foster, Guy Gauthier, Barbara Henning, Patricia Spears Jones, Betty LaRoe, Robin Messing, Dennis Moritz, Phyllis Wat, Elinor Nauen, KB Nemcosky, Tom Savage, Noam Scheindlin, Stephen Spicehandler, Lewis Warsh, and Don Yorty. Kyle Dacuyan, the new executive directer at the The Poetry Project, gave a really lovely heart-felt welcoming introduction. It was perfect, not only the introduction, but every reader who added his or her take to one of Bill’s poems making them universal by making them their own, both tears and laughter, but mostly laughter in the spirit of Bill Kushner.

I’m including three poems that weren’t read on Wednesday night, two from Head, and one from Love Uncut. Bill never talked much about it, but he was one of the great explorers of the sonnet form.

Wake Me When It’s Overis published by Talisman House Publishers. You can check them out here:


Wake Me When It’s Over can easily be purchased here at Small Press Distributions:


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