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Bernadette Mayer reads Sonnet written with Philip Good

… Bernadette Mayer reads a sonnet that she wrote with Philip Good. Sonnets published by Tender Buttons Press. … … … …

Bernadette Mayer reads from the Sonnets: We Eat Out Together

… My heart is a fancy place Where giant reddish-purple cauliflowers & white ones in French & English are outside Waiting to welcome you to a boat Over the low black river for a big dinner There’s a lot of choice among the foods Even […]


… She completely sparkles, the girl talking to her father in a conversation that must be a little funny because she starts to laugh as well as talk, talking of her final destination perhaps leaving this very morning on a trip from Lancaster on the […]


… The butterflies have been here through it all my sadness and my happiness as well. No matter what is going on or how I feel at the very center of my poor self is a wanting to be filled by something beautiful. A simple […]


… My only brother with his bulldozer pushed the brush away from the day lilies uprooting thorns and sumac completely around the bed revealing for Mother those common flowers in all their glory. Now if only she’ll come to look at them making her way […]


… I’m ready sitting on the dock looking at all the work before me. Today’s sun breaks from the tree tops and the sparrows come and start to dart disturbing the floating sky rippling on the pond where I’ve noticed an aquatic plant has invaded […]


… I saw the bluebird first, its beating soft red breast. Young water snake, I looked for it next settled near the dock but it hadn’t risen yet or already’d slithered off. The pond’s cold. I won’t dive in. It is flogged by nasty winds […]

Edwin Denby reads The Climate and People on Sunday

… … THE CLIMATE I myself like the climate of New York I see it in the air up between the street You use a worn-down cafeteria fork But the climate you don’t use stays fresh and neat. Even we people who walk about in […]


… Had I left sooner or later it would all have been different, but I didn’t and got into two arguments, one in a store and one on the sidewalk about the neighborhood with two freeloaders who do nothing, yet want something for nothing. Today […]

Sonnets 61 – 120

… … 61 Things are often more beautiful at a distance, but not you. The closer the more inevitable you become. Before I thought beauty was what I saw, that the superficial awed, but I was wrong. Your skin is really you as fragrant as […]

Shakespeare’s Sonnets 1 – 10

… The texts for the following sonnets are taken from The Pelican Shakespeare and read by Simon Callow. Enjoy. … Sonnet 1 From fairest creatures we desire increase, That thereby beauty’s rose might never die, But as the riper should by time decease, His tender […]

In my words, August 5 – 11

… … Yesterday on my way to catch the L to catch the C to get up to 96th Street and walk through Central Park with my friend Tom who was on his sixth day without a cigarette after forty-six years of smoking two packs […]