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Reflections in the English Garden

… Took a walk in Central Park this afternoon that ended up as usual in the English Garden. All the mums had been pulled out of the French Garden and the tulips planted for the spring. You could feel for the first time this autumn […]

A Good Day in October

… Here it is Sunday already. I am posting some photos from Friday. We left early enough, Akram and I, so that even though I forgot my MOMA membership card, there was time to go back and still have breakfast before we went to see […]

Some Thoughts, July 13 – 19

… Afternoon Wind by Charles Burchfield (1951). … … Fireflies Like smoldering tips of sticks or coals they glow in the grass. Light over all begins to go. Night like a swooping bat comes down the clouds and the white pine Out of the sky […]

In my words, December 9 – 15

… Take a walk. There is nothing better. Go at your own speed and stop to look at whatever you want. Take a notebook along to jot down your thoughts. Something comes, or better yet you will come to something. Meander with a friend and […]

In my words, October 28 – November 3

… I can only say this in the present: the past is everywhere you look and obviously the older you get, the more of it there is. As I was waiting for the L train yesterday reading some graffiti on a movie poster that had […]

In my words, August 5 – 11

… … Yesterday on my way to catch the L to catch the C to get up to 96th Street and walk through Central Park with my friend Tom who was on his sixth day without a cigarette after forty-six years of smoking two packs […]

In my words, July 29 – August 4

… If you were going to teach English to someone who didn’t speak it, what would be the first thing you’d teach? There is a game I sometimes play with beginners, a kind of bingo with a die and some beans for markers. Call it […]

In my words, July 15 – 21

… I recently came across a poem by Baudelaire I’d translated in my thirties; it had been lying on a shelf in the dark between closed pages all but forgotten, then there it was, and seemed to fit the weather, the unrelenting heat. Baudelaire liked […]

In my words, May 6 – 12

… The photo above is Life Cafe, or what is left of Life Cafe, 10th Street and Avenue B, NYC. (Oh those were the days!) Confucius—or was it Lao Tzu?—said that we should never be too happy on a good day because a good day […]

In my words, April 29 – May 5

… My mother used to have a plaque on the wall; I think it was made of wrought iron, painted black with white and red lettering if I remember correctly that said: ……Make new friends. ……Keep the old. ……One is silver. ……The other gold. For […]

In my words, April 15 – 21

… When I got home from work Monday afternoon, the news from Boston came over the Internet and spread so quickly that when I went to teach my evening class at PS 188, the security guards were talking about it. You could see on their […]