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A Good Day in October

Here it is Sunday already. I am posting some photos from Friday. We left early enough, Akram and I, so that even though I forgot my MOMA membership card, there was time to go back and still have breakfast before we went to see the Matisse Cut-Outs, a beautiful example of what creativity and imagination can do; it was certainly unstoppable in Matisse, who as he got older and more feeble and even confined to a chair and then a bed continued to create with his assistants who aided him in making his cut-outs, paper cut with scissors and then manipulated into place in space. After that a walk through Central Park finished off a perfect autumn day.

Dawn over East 9th Street

After the Matisse Cut Outs (The Dancers)

The Italian Garden

The French Garden: Chrysanthamums

The French Garden: At an Entrance

Almost too much but wow enough


The Fountain in the French Garden

Akram among Chrysanthamums

Lovers talking (the whole time I was there)

Imaginary gardens with real toads in them.

People in the picture

The English Garden

A reflection: water lilies in the branches

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