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Edwin Denby reads from Snoring in New York

… Snoring in New York was published by Angel Hair in 1974 with a beautiful photo by Rudy Burckhardt on both the front and back covers, dark leaves, white moth. From 1976 until Edwin’s death in 1983, Rudy Burckhardt’s son Jacob recorded Edwin reading his […]

Photographs by Rudy Burckhardt from the 1940s

… Some photos are really magic capturing the exact moment. Many photos by Rudy Burckhardt are that kind of magic even when it’s a building or landscape that doesn’t really move or change. When he snapped, he caught that building or landscape taking a breath. […]

Photographs by Rudy Burckhardt from the 1930s

… Rudy Burckhardt was born in Basel, Switzerland in 1914. While going to medical school in London, he discovered photography. He came to live in New York in 1935. “I really became a New Yorker rather than an American,” he later wrote. “There are so […]

Edwin Denby reads The Climate and People on Sunday

… … THE CLIMATE I myself like the climate of New York I see it in the air up between the street You use a worn-down cafeteria fork But the climate you don’t use stays fresh and neat. Even we people who walk about in […]

Sonnet 8 from A Sonnet Sequence by Edwin Denby

… From 1976 until 1983, Jacob Burckhardt recorded and edited Edwin Denby reading from his Collected Poems. Here is Sonnet 8 from A Sonnet Sequence. 8 Three old sheepherders so filthy in their ways Whores wouldn’t touch them with a ten foot pole Saw once […]