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Después de la Mundanza (After the Move): the Art and Adventures of Laurie Price

In 1979, Laurie Price attended Naropa graduating with a BA in Poetics in 1981. She moved to San Francisco after that and lived there for twelve years. Courtesy of receiving an Alexander Gerbode Foundation grant, she got to go to Oaxaca in 1993 where she planned to write for a year, and stretched that into two before she moved to Mexico City to find work. In 1997, she moved back to NYC where she was born, and lived in Greenpoint. Then, for two years Laurie lived in Morocco, and in Granada, Spain for ten before moving back to Oaxaca in 2013 where she has lived ever since.

I am a little envious to be sure. I’ve pretty much lived in the East Village for the last forty years, but I love Oaxaca too. I feel healthy there, and in a warmer sunnier mood. And I think Oaxaca has some of the best light in the world. If you want to see clearly, go to Oaxaca.

I’ve wanted to share Laurie Price’s work on the blog for a long time. Since she has moved to a new home with a new studio and a new view—but still in Oaxaca—I’m using her move to include some of her work below. Wherever you go, there your art is also. Speaking from experience, you can only carry so much when you travel. Travel gets you down to your essentials. Nobody wants to carry more than they have to. And that is what creating does, getting us to where we are able to show what is essential, which is, when all is said and done, truly ourselves. Sit still for a moment, look and enjoy.


Monoprints with interventions








acrylic paint with collage


foto transfer


El Hogar Viejo

El Hogar Nuevo

“My new home is more practical, more affordable, and I’ve actually I loved this tiny house from the first time I saw it. I call it Casa Rosa.”



Some Passing Photos. In the Eye of the Artist.


Check out more of Laurie Price’s work at the link below:


And for more art and writing here is Gracious Economies:






  1. Kimberly Ann Lyons

    Beautiful sampling of the Laurie Price phenomenen. Thank you Don for bringing more attention to this poet and artist’s incredible varied and rich work.

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