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Some Paintings by Sally Young


I saw paintings by Sally Young recently, and enjoyed them so much that I asked her if I could share some of her work on the blog.

Sally lives in NYC and conducts art classes at Greenwich House. It makes perfect sense that she includes classes for children because her work is as imaginative and unrestrained in the way a child’s is, yet with an adult surrealism that delights without cynicism. Delights is the perfect word. There is nothing like a nice surprise.

Ten of her paintings follow. Enjoy. 


Fallen Magnolias #4. Acrylic and pencil on board. 12 x 12. 2020.

Approaching Time. Acrylic, pencil, pen and paper on handmade paper. 16 x 20. December 2023  —January 3, 2024.

Corn and Fish on a Grill with Red Flowers: Acrylic, pen and pencil on hand made paper. 16_x 20. 2024

Fallen Magnolias #10. Acrylic and pencil on board. 12vx 12. 2020

Red Bird Red Flower. Acrylic, pencil, and pen on handmade paper. 16 x 20. 2024

The City Under my Wing. Acrylic and pen on board. 16 x 16. 2023

Untitled. Acrylic on canvas, Tarot cards. Dates back to 1984 but was completed December 1, 2023. Surrounded by words that I can’t decipher as yet. 21 x 24. 2023

Untitled. Acrylic, pencil, pen on handmade paper. 16 x 20. From a shot from the train photos with crows. 2024.

Untitled. Acrylic, paint pen on board w ceramic birds and collage poem. 16 x 22. 2022

Untitled. Acrylic, pen, pencil, collage with found photo, on handmade paper. 9 x 12. 2024.


For more of Sally Young’s work, follow the link below:



Here is a review of Sally Young’s show at ChaShaMa Gallery a few years ago:



And here is a link to Greenwich House and Sally Young’s classes.



Sally Young

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