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A homeless woman with her legs spread on

a park bench looks ready to shit. Good God

she is pulling her pants down with paper

towels about to do it. Vacationing

anarchists are camped out by the water

fountain. It is hot as hell and you can

pick your stench. Skateboard boys and a girl on

a table start to move to a tune playing

only for them on their clinging headphones.

Girl slaps boy—I told you it was hot!

Preamble to a fuck—Never too hot

for love. Girl snatches his hat, puts it on—

Cherry bomb explodes. Boy jumps, swings shirt off

and spins like a top in all of the smoke.


Drawing: Heat by Akram

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  1. even the littlest insects toilet and copulate anywhere. Love your and akram’s ethnographies.

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