This trip to Wuhan I managed to eat some very good meals when in the company of my colleague, the indefatigable searcher for the real thing, Luke Amoroso. Luke knows where all the good food is. We had some excellent street food in Beijing including a tasty little egg pancake one early morning and later a noodle shop off the beaten path where we drank beer and watched TV with the locals, some violent Mexican movie dubbed in Chinese starring a moonlighting Laurence Fishburne that was an awful lot of fun. Then in Wuhan, Luke introduced me to a Muslim noodle shop near the main gate that had the best noodles I’ve ever eaten, a dish called Dao Xiao Mian (Dow Show Myen, my phonetic spelling; Show sounding like how with an S). The dough-maker shaves off the dough into the boiling water, so fresh! and then the sous-chef mixes in tomatoes, eggs, peppers and some red hot peppers too. It’s the best!

On the last day of class, Friday July 30, I took my homeroom to the noodle shop for a meal. A few had already gone home for summer break. All of them are scientists and mathematicians and when I look at their happy faces I can’t help but feel that some of the dire problems in this world will definitely be solved by them.

And speaking of problem solving, just watch the noodle maker make those noodles.

Let’s eat!

Dao Xiao Mian, my favorite


  1. ASC

    Great video of time with your students, Don! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Mike


    Thanks for posting this. I love this place! I will be sure and have a bowl for you when I get back there this summer.

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