Crossing the Yangtze

It rained constantly the first two weeks I was in Wuhan. Luckily for me, the university goes up the side of a mountain and the flooding happened below. Many people were very unlucky however: property was destroyed and lives were lost. For a while the ferries had stopped crossing the Yangtze because the currents were too dangerous, full of trees, houses and whatever else the rains had dragged into it now floating by. On the Sunday we took the trip, the ferries had started again.

The video in this post is about twenty-one minutes long, edited down from an hour. I hope it keeps the flavor of what it was like to go with students on a bus, a walk, a ferry, and ending up at a restaurant for wontons and sticky rice balls. Wuhan is a city of about 10 million people and the day we took the ferry it was about 110 degrees. The cicadas were buzzing like electricity, the Yangtze overflowing with its hundreds of lakes which multiplies into about a zillion mosquitoes which also adds up to lots of magpies and dragonflies and lovely swooping bats at night.

In the video, my students and I talk about Smell Bad Tofu which is kept mouldering in a crate till it turns black; and the flies also seem to like it, a favorite dish in Wuhan. I’m not sure what an American would compare it to, perhaps Limburger cheese left out in the sun on a very hot day. Please forgive my shaky camera work; I’m new at this and doing the best I can.





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