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Home Movies: Roll with the Punches (Christmas at Rockefeller Center)

December 4th on our first anniversary, Akram and I went to see Harry Potter at the Ziegfield, but got there late. I could’ve sworn it said 3:15 on the Internet. Instead of getting upset, we took a walk to see the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center, something I wouldn’t normally do, but when in Rome. After that claustrophobic yet cheery trip, we walked to 9th Avenue to eat at a Greek restaurant called Nick’s for an appetizer of smelts (Mmmmm!), Moussaka with eggplant and ground sirloin, and a fresh green salad with lots of ripe tomatoes and crunchy red onions. I gave Akram all but one of my baked potatoes which went well with the chicken kebab he was eating. It was my second and last meal of the day. When you don’t want to eat much, it’s important that what you do eat is delicious. Breakfast had been an egg cooked sunnyside up over some salmon hash, leftovers from the night before concocted into something new, eaten with some sliced green apples sprinkled with lemon and a marinated jalapeño pepper. I like lemon replacing salt and it keeps apples from getting brown.

At the gym in the morning my weight was the same, in spite an evening before of frivolity, chocolate cake and undiluted red wine; my blood pressure was going down. It is so important to enjoy yourself at all times, stay calm if you’re late, do something else, and one way or the other, let life be an adventure.

Because we’d eaten, there was no desire for popcorn or malted milk balls at the movies. I may be the only person in the world who has never read Harry Potter or seen a movie. I had no idea what was going on and the ending took me by surprise (Is it over?), but I enjoyed it very much.











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