28 Feb

  Kenny Angel gave me a copy of The End Of The Far West, a collection of poems by Frank O’Hara that Ted Berrigan transcribed […]

23 Feb

  I’ve known Stephen Paul Miller for going on forty years now, and the conviviality of his personality has never changed; so it’s always a […]

19 Feb

  Etheridge Knight wrote some great poems, up there with the best of them. Like a contemporary of his, Gregory Corso, he was also a […]

13 Feb

  Last year I sent out a few Valentines, my poem “In the Circle,” and one came back with a kiss. Those lips are Shelley […]

6 Feb

In March of 1949—not sure of the day—Billie Holiday showed up for a photo shoot at Carl Van Vechten’s. She was told to wear a […]

3 Feb

  In the Vimeo below, Charles Bernstein reads part of a poem from his book, Dark City that he made for his friend Li Zhimin, […]

26 Jan

  I am a big fan of chapbooks because they are heartfelt and often come straight from the author. Bonny Finberg’s Déja Vu is that […]

19 Jan

  Joan Eardley painted children in the slums of Glasgow and then lived in Catterline, a fishing village nobody went to. She found beauty in […]

16 Jan

  A year ago, I heard Greg Masters read new work at the Parkside Lounge. The poems he read then are now published in It […]

6 Jan

  Michael Ruby is not only a poet, but a journalist who works as an editor at the Wall Street Journal where he is involved […]

2 Jan

  What better way to start than at the beginning. These will be the first poems in my new book, Fucking and Other Poems, which […]

29 Dec

  When I look back on my life as a reader, there are particular books I remember with pleasure because they drew me in as […]