8 Feb

  Sandpiper The roaring alongside he takes for granted,and that every so often the world is bound to shake.He runs, he runs to the south, […]

2 Feb

  Many people may think of Star Black as a photographer who has documented NYC downtown art and literary events. She also curated the Monday […]

26 Jan

  My friend, the artist Neddi Heller, has two shows going on now in Brooklyn. It’s always a pleasure to see her work so I […]

24 Jan

  Last year on January 30th, my friend Dr. José Fernandez died of a heart attack on his way to work at a nearby hospital. […]

19 Jan

  If you have been deciding whether your next read is going to be a novel or a poem, I have the perfect solution for […]

14 Jan

  I went to Maria Lisella’s apartment in Queens, a walk from the train, the elevated N. She thoughtfully had prepared a meal for me, […]

14 Jan

  I became friends with the Bangladeshi artist, Akash, on Facebook a while ago. I’m not sure when or why, but since then, I’ve enjoyed […]

12 Jan

Many of the poems in Julia Knobloch’s new chapbook, Book of Failed Salvation, are love poems that are secular, but explore the divine as well. […]

6 Jan

In Broken Color the poet looks at art, but the poems are not, to my mind, ekphrastic; the poems are more about the looking than […]

30 Dec

    158   Like the dried up dead wasp with its venom gone rolled up on the windowsill like a ball of dust my […]

26 Dec

  I read with Reuben Gelley Newman at Pete’s Candy Store in Brooklyn a while back and enjoyed his work; he sang a song too, […]

19 Dec

  Ama Birch got funding to talk to people in Ridgewood, Queens, hear their stories, and then make poems out of what she heard. Ridgewood […]