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Arlo Quint reads Drawn In

Last autumn I heard Arlo Quint read at the Poetry Project. Afterward, I saw Drawn In, a chapbook of his, on the table where the authors put their books to sell. Drawn In drew me. I loved the drawing on the cover, and bought the book for its beauty and its feel.

On a following morning, I opened Drawn In, a book of short poems, epistles dedicated to friends, shared by the author with us. The poems within were as good as the cover without; I really enjoyed them while I drank coffee, one of those perfect morning reads, brain fresh from sleep taking in all of the phases, the clear minded surprises. To get a feel for the poems, I include two below.

classic instant
for David

those who are in favor with their stars
let time’s leisure come to them
the mountain or the sea, day or night
edge of doom or altered state

see you tomorrow
for Corrine

just the time to not have
to deal with the next day
golden energy and epic line
to mark my word thought
forms burning a detail in
what’s left after all that
accidentally belongs to a thing
is taken away from it. King of
May, thinkable aliens to help,
elements changed to hearing.

I asked Arlo if I could video him reading Drawn In and he said yes. It always makes me happy when a poet says yes. I ask many poets, but not all respond for one reason or another—getting it together in time—and there are many poets I have not gotten around to even asking yet, but here is Arlo one Saturday morning about a month ago with the participating melody of street sounds from time to time aura to his words.

at the Poetry Project

at the Poetry Project

with Stacy Szymaszek

with Stacy Szymaszek

Check out Arlo’s new book, Wires and Lights, published by Rust Buckle:


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