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Animals by Akram

The following animals were drawn by Akram over three years. He draws from time to time often to occupy his mind when he is waiting or waiting and thinking. Akram draws very quickly from his imagination. He might not draw for a long time and then one day sit down and draw a lot. I encourage him to always draw, but so far that hasn’t worked. Still I am happy with what he’s done.

In the video below I edited some of the drawings with a song by the Algerian musician, Idir, called “Awah Awah.” Idir was Berber and he often sang his songs in Berber. Enjoy.


Birds in the Tree

Blooming Butterfly


Fish Caught

Happy Cat


Four Legged Swan

Crocodile Neat and Clean

Yellow Snake


Water Spiders

Water Spider


Frog on a Leaf

Happy Fish

Cat and Fish

Birds Singing

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