Geometric Forms by Akram

This January I have been moving, as the saying goes, as slow as molasses. So slow in fact that you might have to look at me for a minute to be sure I’m breathing. I may seem more statue than human. I usually like to have at least eight posts every month on my blog. With this post today, the last day of the month, I will have four, a post a week. I have been moving back and forth from NYC to Troy, NY. When I am here, I think over there. Hopefully, the month of February will be faster even as we move a little closer to the warmth of early spring, not yet to come in February, but coming.

I have been going through sketches Akram did for me when I was in Pennsylvania last year at this time taking care of my father who was dying. Akram would send them on his phone. Here are some of those sketches now to fill out January with end of the month (from last year) beauty. Beauty is beauty of course and anything beautiful is worth waiting for, here some living geometry drawn by Akram.

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