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Bill Kushner reading My Sisters

My Sisters

So what’s love? I’d watch my 2 older sisters
Spend hours in front of mirrors, doing things
With their lips, incredible! they’d make
Their faces look down this way, up that way
& why? I’d hear them giggle crazily together
About this or that guy, then they’d dance
Together, hours & hours of going around & going
Around, then looking dreamy-eyed to a song
& then back to their mirrors & whispers & shadows
& moving their lips to uttering names, men’s
Names: oh James, ohh Jimmy, no-o Johnny
& they’d sit for hours & write their names
Then we’d dance, they’d make me lead them
Around & around some imaginary dance floor & I’d
Look up into their eyes, their eyes so far away.

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  1. Merry F

    This made my night- thanks Bill, and Don.

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