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The sun is bright reflected on water
shimmering it to pieces. With too much
light I’m blind. They say when we see God
up close we die. I’m pretty sure I’ve never
looked on God up close but every day
along the way see God in every face.
We try to add God up in countless space
and God keeps coming. Generations, waves
burn around the Statue of Liberty
ripple and sparkle the Hudson River
lapping its fire right up to me. We are
all in flames and existence I can see
flies up completely still on outspread wings
a seagull hovering against the winds.

akram final  picture-4

Drawings by Akram


  1. Maya Dearth

    Breathtaking words and images … what a way to begin the day!

  2. Luminously beautiful, Don.

    Makes me pine for NYC, and God, too.

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