Leee Black Childers’ “Pulled Pork…Unseen Images from Warhol’s Only Play”


I was a lucky duck and had one of the best times in a long time attending the opening night of the Leee Black Childers’ photography exhibition, “Pulled Pork…Unseen images from Warhol’s Only Play,” on Friday the 13th at The Leslie-Lohman Old Basement Gallery 127-B Prince Street with readings from the play by Tony Zanetta and Ruby Lynn Reyner, and a monologue by Zoe Hanson that was unfortunately too softly spoken to record well. But Tony and Ruby’s performance sounds good although I was a little far back in the crowd and had to hold my hand with the recording iPhone up above it all trying to be as still as possible. The night before I’d fallen down the stairwell in my building slipping on the rain-swept steps and was lucky really that I wasn’t dead or paralyzed, but my lower back and shoulder hurt, yet I kept my arm up as best as I could for the sake of art. And here you are: some Pork.

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