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Jeff Wright reads from Triple Crown

I have long admired Jeff Wright’s energy and generosity as he participates, publishes and observes the art and poetry scenes in New York City. It had been on my mind to have Jeff come over and film him reciting some of the sonnets from his recent book, Triple Crown from Spuyten Duyvil Press. He came to my apartment last Tuesday and for a little while we talked old times and drank white wine that he’d brought sparkling with seltzer and cracked ice. When we started, the noises outside, East Village construction, buses, and barking dogs leashed at the Chinese takeout continued, but Jeff’s words would not be interrupted, they themselves creatures from the neighborhood, appear image after image, every rift and riff full, thoughtful language at its funny best, sensual sound quick and yet long lasting exploding little epiphanies in the mind. Here’s Jeff.


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