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Lewis Warsh reads from One Foot Out the Door

Tired as I was, I’m glad that I made it to Lewis Warsh’s reading at Saint Mark’s last Wednesday night on May the 7th to hear him read from One Foot Out the Door, his collected short stories just published by Spuyten Duyvil Press. Here he reads Inner Circles. Are these circles circles of success or those circles Dante wound around hell? Mr. Warsh is a subtle schmoozy story teller who puts his arm around your shoulder, pulls you closer and speaks so comfortably that every word comes clearly to your ear.

Of this collection Samuel R. Delany writes, “What a pleasure to have all these stories by Lewis Warsh in one volume! They tend to be low-key, almost off-hand, but each with a poetic kernel that infects and defuses throughout, which makes them (though it is a critical cliché to say it this way) haunting. But that’s what they do. They haunt. That’s what the best writing does, often without excessive flashiness or even letting us know, as the narrative drifts through the material from which each is constructed, how it’s done. These are extraordinary tales.”

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