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Catullus 8

Miser Catulle, desinas ineptire,
et quod vides perisse perditum ducas.
fulsere quondam candidi tibi soles,
cum ventitabas quo puella ducebat
amata nobis quantum amabitur nulla.
ibi illa multa cum iocosa fiebant,
quae tu volebas nec puella nolebat,
fulsere vere candidi tibi soles.
nunc iam illa non vult: tu quoque impotens noli,
nec quae fugit sectare, nec miser vive,
sed obstinata mente perfer, obdura.
vale puella, iam Catullus obdurat,
nec te requiret nec rogabit invitam.
at tu dolebis, cum rogaberis nulla.
scelesta, vae te, quae tibi manet vita?
quis nunc te adibit? cui videberis bella?
quem nunc amabis? cuius esse diceris?
quem basiabis? cui labella mordebis?
at tu, Catulle, destinatus obdura.

Catullus, stop being a fool
admit what’s lost is lost.
Once the sun shone bright for you
where she led and you wanted to go
loving her more than anyone’s been loved
there where your lover games were played
the way you wanted and she never denied.
Truly brightly your suns did shine.
Now she doesn’t want to and you must be resigned
not to follow where she goes or lead a sorry life
but be resolved with a firm hard mind.
Goodbye, girl. Catullus is resolved
not to seek or need your invitation.
What will you do, miserable wretch
the day nobody wants you?
Who’ll love you then or find you beautiful?
Who will you love? Whose will you be?
Who will you kiss, biting whose lip?
You, Catullus, be obdurate.

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