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Mark Statman reads from That Train Again

I went to Mark Statman’s home in Brooklyn. He shares it with his wife, artist Katherine Koch. They have several dogs, and the dogs, I must say, remained a pretty calm audience throughout Mark’s reading although you might hear the click of claws against the floor, or a sigh as one of them lies down. It was a lovely autumn day as the sun moved from early afternoon to late and the shadows and light grew and changed around the living room, a fitting atmosphere for Mark’s poems that contemplate the moods of a day, its possible directions, secular prayers, precise and calm, “the song of a bird flying ahead of us showing the way,” I thought or as Mark would say, “the poem wings its way/ to where it most belongs/ sometimes that/ is only for a minute/ sometimes someplace/ it shouldn’t be at all/ but a guiding point/ poetry is when/ I write/ something I never/ thought about/ in a way I never/ thought I would.”

That Train Again is published by Lavender Ink, New Orleans. The painting on the cover is by Katherine Koch. Bill Lavender designed the book.






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