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Greg Masters reads from What All the Songs Add Up To

I saw that Greg Masters was going to be having a book party for his new book, What All the Songs Add Up To, written from the 1970s to the present, some forty years of poems. What a great title for a book of poems. If I were a book, I’d be a little envious. I was not going to be in town for the party so I asked Greg if I could record him reading to help preserve the moment. Before leaving last week, I went over to his place, and let his book do the talking, a reading in one take, the easiest thing to edit, the best.


Vagaries 2

Tiny Portraits


What all the songs add up tp

What All the Songs Add Up To 2

Greg Masters. Photo by Barry Kornbluh

Greg has been in the East Village since the mid-70s. His For the Artists: Critical Writing, Volumes 1 and 2 are critiques and interviews with visual artists, writers and musicians, a chronicle of the New York art scene from the 1970s to the present. Eileen Myles, Elizabeth Murray, Richard Hell, Rudy Burckhardt, Larry Rivers, and Allen Ginsberg are a few of the artists that Greg talks to and writes about.



At Crony Books you can also find At Maureen’s, a favorite book of mine, a fun read, the journals of Greg and Bernadette Mayer, a he said she said, written over the summer of 1981 at Mareen Owen’s in the country in Connecticut. Here is what some others have said:

“I was so moved by this book, it is a classic. It captures not just a time and a place, but a whole value of writing that’s not overblown or forced but still incredibly dynamic.” Chris Kraus

“…it is the dailiness of a poet’s life and writing routines as transmitted by these two canny observers that makes this book so engaging and satisfying to me…I highly recommend it.” Michael Lally


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