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Summer Thoughts & Photos


July 22

Shall I go for a swim? A frog begins to croak, “Jump in!”





July 15

Queen Anne’s Lace although a common simple flower is very difficult to capture.



July 24, Tompkins Square

A sprig of leaves hits me gently, head to shoulder. Another falls beside me on the bench. Is the world beginning to end? I look up and see a squirrel is doing it. Sways like the wind. Acorns, babies all, begin to fall like drops of bitten rain.


August 4, Tompkins Square

Watching a woman without gloves collecting bottles from the garbage cans in Tompkins Square; she has on the most rudimentary clothes: shorts, flip flops, blouse, all shades of blue; she is talking to herself as she gathers her earnings, at five cents a bottle, perhaps for her breakfast. To say the poor don’t work is wrong and ridiculous. Donald Trump lives in a palace. His sons went to Africa and shot an elephant and a leopard taking the trunk and tusks and the skin for a rug. This world is awfully out of balance. But on the way, let’s stop and take in the morning. There are many people we do not see who have made this particular way beautiful.



August 6

Constantly organizing and reorganizing, getting and throwing things out, deciding what is valuable and what is not, trying to get to the essential, which is where the clarity is, the current, the flow, the where we are. Too much stuff and it’s hard to see? What if there’s too little? What is valuable? What is essential?



Route 322 was built in Pennsylvania in 1802 between Doylestown and Hummelstown. During World Wars One and Two it was called The Defense Highway when it was expanded to connect the Atlantic Ocean to Lake Erie, from shore to lake, in the days before the interstates. I grew up along 322 in the early 50s when it meandered its way through the bucolic South Mountain. Maybe a car passed by the house every half hour or so. In the early 60s, the highway was widened. Though still a two-lane road today, it is constantly busy with cars and trucks going to and from from Lancaster, Hershey, Harrisburg and all points beyond. During the 80s you would often see black snake and box turtle road kill. Now you see none dead on the road or many in the woods. We humans have to rethink how we relate to our environment before the environment (and that means us) is gone.






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