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February 3

On the way home from the gym I stopped in Tompkins Square to look over some writing—it was cold—and heard a commotion coming—School kids marching down 7th Street and around the park on Avenue C up 10th back over A. I followed them at points. Great civics lesson, don’t you think? I have some relatives—poor souls—who’d call it brain-washing as they nod, acquiesce and accept the next lie Herr Drumpf is telling them. I believe these children can tell right from wrong and critically think better than a Trump voter can.















Perhaps not every Trump voter was a racist, but every racist voted for Trump; perhaps not every Trump voter was a misogynist, but every misogynist voted for Trump; perhaps not every Trump voter was an American Nazi, but every American Nazi voted for Trump; perhaps not every Trump voter was a xenophobe or a homophobe or an Islamophobe or a white supremacist, but every xenophobe, homophobe, Islamophobe and white supremacist voted for Trump. I watched Judy Woodruff interview Mike Pence on the PBS Newshour the other night. The former governor’s point was that Trump is doing the will of the people. This is an alternative fact. 58% of the American people voted, and 42% because they were repulsed, ignorant or voter oppressed did not. Of that 42% Clinton got the popular vote and adding what Stein and Johnson got, Trump got less than 25 % of the votes. So we need to change the narrative and let the Trump folks know that their president is not doing the will of the people, only theirs, less than 25%, and let’s face it, they are by my observation mean-spirited racists, simply ignorant, or milk-toast white-supremacists who, if you are to judge by members of my family, will never admit it. Not our problem. Fact is Trump is not doing the will of the people. Let’s let the 25% who like this clown know that. It is our job to continue to resist and to get the 42% who did not vote to vote two years down the line. A young woman who works at Verizon told me she doesn’t vote because she doesn’t understand it (politics). How do we make her understand it?

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