Drawings by Arup Datta

Arup and I are friends on Facebook. How that happened I don’t know, but it was Kismet because the other day I saw one of Arup’s sketches and really enjoyed it, then I looked and found more. I think Arup’s work is wonderfully poetic and literary, and more than that just plain fun to look at. I think a dozen drawings are about the limit for our attention spans on the Internet—More is certainly Less—but this will be a baker’s dozen, or let’s call it a poet’s dozen, thirteen sketches by Arup Datta. I hope you enjoy them.

Albatross: Prince of the Clouds

The Ambassador from Picasso


The Barbed Wire

Black Tea at Poets’ Corner

The Critics

The Drunk and the Deluge!

Fluttering Lady Proud of her Sexpression

The Landing

The Plumed Beauty

The Plumed Serpent

The Roadside Peace

The Royal Black

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