Robert Rhodes: Night Diary: Nocturnal Paintings

I have some happy news. On October 2, new paintings by Robert Rhodes will be featured at Radiance, 9 West Grant Street, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. They are night paintings and will be up for the autumn including fourteen oils on wood with more added as time goes along.

The first thing I liked about Robert Rhodes was a paintings because that was the first thing I saw; when you get to know him there are many other things to like as well; he is a scholar, one of the most well read people I know, and the way his kids like to hang around him, he has been a very good father too.

He paints a lot; his paintings keep coming at you; they never stop, studies of nature and landscapes, done day and night, out in the countryside where he lives, but they never get tiring in the way new blossoms in a field of flowers never overwhelm, but become more beautiful.

I’m Pennsylvania Dutch, and the only other artist I know who has faithfully captured this part of the country was Andrew Wyeth. Some might think these two artists are different, but they have painted the same landscape, the same seasons. What can I tell you? When I look at a Wyeth or I look at a Rhodes I feel at home.

About this show he writes: “My paintings are purely emotional statements and reflect places and experiences in my surroundings here in southeastern Pennsylvania, where our family have lived since 2008. To me, my pictures are both abstract and representational. The paintings in Night diary explore darkness and light and the places we travel to understand those mysteries.”

See the show if you can. Downtown Lancaster is bustling. Have dinner, listen to some live music, take a walk, and look at these exciting paintings too. (Another thing I should let you know is that Robert’s works are affordable.) I include a few below.

Autumn Nightfall, high clouds. Oil on wood.

Night diary: 2 a.m., from a house on Buchanan Avenue. Oil and charcoal on wood.

Night diary: A path in the park. Oil and charcoal on wood.

Night diary: Equinox study. Oil on Arches paper.

Night diary: Farm pond, silent light. Oil and charcoal on wood.

Night diary: In a floating world. Wetlands near Philadelphia. Oil and charcoal on Arches paper.

Night diary: In the hills, red horizon. Oil on canvas.

Night diary. Margaret’s dream of a blue forest. Oil on wood.

Night diary: Moonlit hills. Oil and charcoal on wood.

Night diary: Sky study in the park on Margaret’s birthday. Oil on board.

Summer: Mennonite farms near Strasberg. Oil and charcoal on wood.

Watershed: Something from memory. Oil and charcoal on wood.

Robert Rhodes

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