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Shipping Muse: Drawings by Neddi Heller: GAIA Gallery, November 2015

Neddi Heller had a show in Brooklyn at the GAIA Gallery called Shipping Muse in November 2015, a show inspired by drawings she did down at the Brooklyn waterfront. She asked me if I would participate in a poetry reading she was organizing one Sunday there with two other poets, Cooper Wilhelm and John Trause, and I, a big fan of her work, agreed. I took photos of the show and think they are fine enough to give an idea of the work. I hope to include more soon.

Ships, Piers and Pulleys

Tugs Crossing

I-Ching: Dark Sea

Red Cargo Ship

Ship Turning at Anchor


Shipping Muse A

Shipping Muse B

Mad Caps

the Grand Entry


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