Haiku Showdown or the Night of the Lost Haikus: Mark Statman and Jeff Wright @ Lazy Susan Gallery

On October 13, 2017, Jeff Wright and Mark Statman read some poetry at the Lazy Susan Gallery on East Broadway, a little out of the way perhaps, but there was another art gallery right beside it having an opening so the crowd inside and out, chatting and milling about, added to the festivities in celebration of Mark—he is living in Oaxaca now—returning to his home town for a visit with his wife Katherine Koch.

Jeff has a new book out called radio poems, which comes from something the poet Ted Berrigan once said to him: “Always write with the radio on,” meaning be alert when you write and know what is going on around you. So these poems have that kind of awareness. And Mark has a new book out as well, Never Made in America, a knock your socks off translation of the Uruaguayan poet, Martín Barea Mattos. I can’t recommend it enough.

The Lazy Susan Gallery is small so I had to film Jeff and Mark with my back against the wall—if the lightning and my technique distract, little damage is done because these two amigos reading together captivate and entertain; they are fun. Enjoy.


Collage by Jeff Wright

radio poems is published by The Operating System. Check them out here:


Never Made in America is published by Lavender Ink. Check them out here:


Mark Statman and Jeff Wright

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