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Bob Holman reads The Cutouts

I really wanted to record Bob Holman reading his new chapbook, The Cutouts, at the Bowery Poetry Club on October the 29th because my plan to archive contemporary poets would never be complete without him—and I love chapbooks!—but suddenly there was a Nor’easter going on outside with wind lashing rain against the windows pouring down. Normally, I’d just walk what is pretty much a beeline from my place at 9th and C to Bob’s place on the Bowery, but this Sunday afternoon I took an umbrella—which I never do—and started off in the wrong direction taking the M14 down Avenue C and turning west on 14th Street to 3rd Avenue where I caught the M3 finally going south, huge wide puddles and splashing cars, pants wet to the knees, but my camera safe and dry inside my backpack tight against me. I got to the Bowery Poetry Club just before it started, and captured Bob just fine, or as much as one can contain a guy whose energy is generous and therefore boundless—Here is as much as I could get to you. Ladies and gentlemen, Bob Holman.

Le cauchemar de l’éléphant blanc, 1947

pages 54 & 55 of Jazz

Henri Matisse cutting out

La nageuse dans l’aquarium, 1947

page 18 & 19 of Jazz

To continue reading Bob’s work, here is the link:


Bob Holman


  1. Linda

    Is this chapbook, The Cutouts, available to purchase?
    Thanks for the reading!

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