Fifteen Winter Paintings by Charles Burchfield

I found a photo of Charles Burchfield working in and experiencing the snow. No gloves, no scarf, no ear muffs; he seems oblivious to the cold. Often when I’ve worked in the cold, I’m not cold, especially when cutting and piling firewood, but painting? It is Burchfield so of course he is working up a sweat. He painted masterpieces every season, but there is something about his winter ones that often strike me as the best. I have no idea of the date of this photo or who the photographer is. If anyone does, please let me know.

Burchfield painting in the cold


Lighted Window, 1917


Flower Pot in Window, 1919


The Winter Sun, 1920


Village Lights, 1920


Two Houses, 1920


Two Fence Posts, 1937


Early December Snow, 1945


Still Life in Winter, 1951


December Storm, 1941-60


Winter Moonlight, 1951


Winter Landscape with Stream, 1951


Little Trees Dancing,1956


December Storm, 1941-60


Orion in Winter, 1962














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