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Tom Cole reads from the Tyranny of Structurelessness

This past July 25th at Howl Happening Gallery on First Street near the Bowery I heard Tom Cole read from two plays he was working on. He read without other actors taking on any of the characters, and his performance turned out to be such a crazy completely funny well-wrought tour de force that I introduced myself afterward, and asked him to let me know the next time he was going to perform, which was last Sunday, September 30th at Le Petit Versailles, a jewel of a community garden and performance space on Houston near Avenue C.

It was a balmy evening and well-attended. As I videoed Tom Cole’s performance, I was reminded how well he embodies the characters he’s created, and really seems to be them as they explain themselves to us with articulate loony logic, immediate as stand-up comics who are, in spite of all, alive and likable. Enjoy.

By the way, here is a link to Le Petit Versailles. Check out this lovely garden and go enjoy the space.


Tom Cole. Photo by Alice O’Malley

Experiments and Disorders at Dixon Place

Tom also curates a literary series at Dixon Place that he calls Experiments and Disorders. Dixon Place—May it continue to exist!—has always been and still is a seminal really great performance space. You can check out the calendar for all of its performances here:


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