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Yuko Otomo reads two poems

When I read Yuko Otomo I think of how learners of English as a second language see and hear possibilities in the sights and sounds of their new language that are not known to the native born because learning brings its own perspectives. I was moved, pulled in when I read Yuko Otomo’s two short poems, Moved and Moved 2. Kenny Angel had made a hand-colored archival laser print of them in a limited edition of sixty. When I stopped by his little studio recently, lucky duck that I am, he gave one to me. It follows Yuko’s reading of the poems below.


Leaving the unexplainable things alone,
I walk on the beach.

Burying myself in the sound of waves,
I imagine the warn red world under my skin.

Stepping on the feeling of being moved,
Under my bare feet
I ignore the drama
Of being human.

Moved 2

My love for flora,
Most of the time exceeds
My love for fauna.

Dedicating soundless love
To soundless love objects.

At the height of summer,

An entire field,
Busy with photosynthesis,
Becomes a stage
For my feeling
Of being moved.

Here is print 49 of Kenny Angel’s Yuko Otomo Moved and Moved 2 hand-colored archival laser print limited edition of 60.

Steve Dalachinsky and Yuko Otomo


  1. I am in awe of her poems and her reading of them. What do you advise on my next step toward getting them in print — on one of these limited edition of 60?

    Thank you, Don, for introducing me to Yuko Otomo, a voice already in my core. – Donna (posting at word pond . . )

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