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Simon Pettet reads from Hearth

It has been over a year, way over, since Simon and I got together at my apartment to record him reading from two of his books, As a Bee and Hearth. As a Bee went smoothly although it was a very hot day and the street—it was a July afternoon—was noisier than usual. There must have been a fire somewhere, some awful emergency because when we started to record Hearth, sirens in the distance often started to approach us, getting closer, way too loud till they were gone. I closed the windows, and turned the air conditioner off for clearer sound. We recorded till it got too hot, then turned the air conditioner back on till it got cooler; we drank some water refreshing ourselves waiting for the sirens to die down. Simon Pettet is such a great reader of his work, and Hearth is such a remarkable book—every poem is a good one—that I am very happy with what we got. But on a cooler quieter day with fewer interruptions I want to get Simon over here again and record some more. Hearth needs another read and listen. Enjoy.

Hearth is published by Talisman House. You can check them out here:


Simon Pettet. Photo by John Sarsgaard.

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