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Anne-Adele Wight reads from An Internet of Containment

I was in Philly a week ago and stopped by to see Anne-Adele Wight who lives in a lovely high rise apartment in Center City with a view of the Delaware River that made me feel that I had wings and could soar from there to anywhere over New Jersey or the Mainline. Interesting enough, her most recent book of poems, An Internet of Containment published by BlazeVox, is all about that: taking off, a pessimistic book about humans leaving the planet Earth for other worlds, a dying Earth, but a living Universe. These fluid verses are optimistic too because a poem is meant to live on so even if the ship is sinking and the house is on fire, the poet writes, and in the doing it is done, and gives us hope.

Here are two poems from An Internet of Containment that are excellent examples of this poet’s unique adventures with imagery, line and language. Is that God out there spinning like a starfish? Enjoy.

A Stack of Ideas Is Not a Stack in Two Dimensions

when did we stop eating?
when did the kitchen become theory?

we evolve to a stack of ideas
a library of abstracts
the kitchen folds in on itself develops thought patterns

elaborating a performance concept of jewels
facet alluded to as footprint

we watch the spectacle as our bones dissolve on radioactive wind
every particle speeds through us glowing

is that God out there spinning like a starfish?

Red Treeline

blade of a girl
her cutting edge her bite

salts into herself
…..(remade as molecule)
one detail from a clay surface

frangipani (her word of the day)
she replaces her eyebrows with a red treeline
the color of arrival

words for other days:
lanthanide / rarity folded in a pouch
temenos / anything dropped here becomes holy
epée / nowhere to go but across
………..off the edge of natural

(red trees hide a battered toolshed)

……elemental forgiveness
….compressing to anthracite

An Internet of Containment is published by BlazeVox. You can check them out here:


Anne-Adele Wight

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