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Thaddeus Rutkowski at Zinc Bar

In celebration of his first book of poems, Border Crossings, Thaddeus Rutkowski read at the Zinc Bar on September 22. I was lucky enough to be there to capture his engaging reading that is both cerebral and affectionate. When Thaddeus reads, the time just flies. Enjoy.



Below the layer of life that we see
is a darker layer, a layer of emotional need,
a layer of neediness and darkness.
This layer is hidden, below our sight,
and you don’t want to pull back the veil,
because you don’t want to see what’s there.
It is too overwhelming to contemplate.

In that space of boundless need, we take
all we can, from everyone around us.
We don’t ask; we just take.
We are warlords in our neediness.
We take without warning,
like commanders in vague territories.
If emotions were objects, we would be thieves.

You can check out Thaddeus Rutkowski and his work here:


Border Crossings is published by Sensitive Skin Books. You can check them out here:


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