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George Wallace reads from Outside Paso Robles

I had been talking to a friend over the summer who suggested that I read and meet the poet George Wallace. “You will like him,” my friend told me. When I heard that George Wallace was going to be reading at KGB, I made sure that I was there. And I was glad I’d brought my camera too because KGB was packed with poets and friends who’d come to hear and read from George Wallace’s new book, Outside Paso Robles. It was exuberant. The amount of love, humor and good will that was shared in that room was as big as an ocean you could swim in. George Wallace is not only loved, he is read. We often think of poets as regional. Elizabeth Bishop and New England, Bill Kushner and Bob Kaufman, New York City and San Francisco, but George Wallace crosses boundaries like Walt Whitman or Woody Guthrie, whose spirits he admires, shares and writes about. In Outside Paso Robles this Long Island Boy is in California, where he is from as well.

George Wallace reading

The George Wallace Reading

Outside Paso Robles is published by Amethyst and Emerald Publishing. You can check them out here:


Reading Dalachinsky at the Parkside Lounge, NYC. 10.19.19. Danny Shot photograph

Here is a different facet of George Wallace’s work which adds to my point about the non-regional nature of his work.


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