Bob Holman at Howl reads from Life Poem and The Unspoken

Friday, December 6 was a jam packed night. Life was as full as it can get. I had been teaching English all day midtown and then made it down to the Bowery for some fun at Howl for the Bob Holman Book Launch. “For Some Fun” and “Bob Holman” are near rhymes and honestly what could be more fun than a book launch with Bob Holman introducing not one, but two books. Ah, but on the very same night, Lewis Warsh and Bernadette Mayer were going to be reading from a book they had written together called Piece of Cake. Knowing this, Bob scheduled his reading at seven—Lewis and Bernadette were on at eight ten blocks away at the Poetry Project—so there was time for everything overlapping but possible and extant.

Bob, since I came to New York in the late seventies, has always been a—if not the— ringmaster. Why, he has even introduced me onto the stage. So I have seen Bob, through thick and thin, helping to keep the poetry scene connected and working together, here and abroad, a community of camaraderie. On the Vimeo that follows you will see what I’m talking about, a force, Bob Holman, a generous force—I mean source.

Life Poem and The Unspoken are published by YBK Publishers. You can check them out here:

Here is the original Howl announcement for Bob Holman’s Book Launch that has some interesting biography and photos. Check it out:

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