Collaborations with Greg Masters

Something important arrived in the mail last week: an advanced copy of Collaborations, which is edited by Greg Masters, and will be released by the end of May. I came to New York City in 1979 around the time these collaborations were happening. They are not only nostalgic fun, but as witness to those exciting times, like anything good, they fit very well into what is going on right now. After forty years spent in a drawer, Greg Masters brought them out, had them typed up—they were already organized because that is what Greg does—and here they are.

In the Zoom reading below, some of the poets in Collaborations are there with Greg now. And some like Allen Ginsberg and Ted Berrigan, and Tom Weigel, and heart throb, Michael Scholnick, though gone, definitely do continue to participate with their presences well felt by this crowd in the work that’s been created. Photos by Monica Claire Antonie (unless noted). Enjoy.

Tom Weigel, Michael Scholnick, Greg Masters. Photo by Monica Claire Antonie

Daniel Krakauer, Cliff Fyman, Ted Berrigan, Michael Scholnick. Photo by Monica Claire Antonie

Greg Masters, Elinor Nauen. Photo by Monica Claire Antonie

Steve Levine. Photo by Monica Claire Antonie

Collaborations is published by Crony Books. You can check them out here:

Collaborations can be ordered via BookBaby:

or via online retailers.

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