Monthly Archives: June 2020

Basil King reads from Disparate Beasts

… Basil King focuses on the details that sparkle and create the most important events in an artist’s life. His new book, Disparate Beasts, is the history of a thousand pages condensed through poetry into one. Although he began as a painter—and still is—Basil King […]

Two Lesson Plans with Picture Prompts for Writing

… One of the tasks for an English teacher is to get students writing. I have found that putting students into groups to work on one paragraph together prepares them for writing on their own. Here are two lesson plans that have been very successful […]

Bill Kushner reads Neighbor

… Bill Kushner and I used to meet and walk. On this August day, I met Bill at the F train at East Broadway, and we walked to Chrystie Street for a lunch special at the Bite of Hong Kong. Bill was pretty much a […]

La Plaza poems for the Rites of Spring

… In celebration of New York City’s parks and gardens, Felicia Young asked me to contribute to the annual Rites of Spring, which is usually held with costumes and a parade through the Lower East Side. This year because of the pandemic, it went online. […]

Tess Taylor reads from Last West: Roadsongs for Dorothea Lange

… On a Thursday I went to see Dorothea Lange’s “Words and Pictures” at MoMa, and on the following Monday, as luck would have it, I heard Tess Taylor read at KGB from her new book that the museum had commissioned her to write to […]

The Rabbit and the Turtle: The First Four Lessons

… The first four lessons of the Rabbit and the Turtle get students creating language, writing sentences with that language, discovering parts of speech from their sentences, and then writing a story with the vocabulary the whole class has generated. These lessons are great for […]