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Ron Kolm reads from Swimming in the Shallow End

Ron Kolm gives a lot of energy to the current poetry scene in NYC. He adds to his archives at the NYU Library, continues to publish others at The Unbearables, and collaborates with artists and writers, too, recently editing Brevitas 17, the yearly publication of the poetry group whose members share 14 line poems online twice a month. It is a lot of work, but his efforts benefit many. I’ve always been grateful that Ron Kolm published John Farris’s The Ass’s Tale, getting down on paper a writer who shied away from publication. It was a coup, one of the many coups we can thank Ron Kolm for.

Below he reads from his most recent book, Swimming in the Shallow End, published by Autonomedia. Enjoy.




You can find Swimming in the Shallow End at Amazon:



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