The 17th Annual Brevitas Reading


It has been several years now since Tom Savage asked me to become a member of Brevitas, an online poetry group that posts fourteen line poems, or shorter, twice a month, on the first and the fifteenth. It is a unique sharing where work can be viewed for feedback or read as finished.

Every year, an anthology is published with poems from all of the members. In spite of the pandemic, 2020 has been no exception: Brevitas 17 is hot off the presses.

There is always a reading at the time of publication; last year it was at Bowery Poets. This year, it was on Zoom. You don’t have to live in NYC anymore; and the proof of that is on the Vimeo below, which I edited from an hour and a half to forty-five minutes, the goal being to be as brief as possible, yet to focus on each poet reading, some from as far away as California, Illinois, and South Carolina.

Hopefully, there will be a reading in NYC next year with a Zoom attachment for all members to participate. This year a special thanks to Amy Barone, Esther Cohen, Ron Kolm, Chime Lama, Maria Lisella, Flash Rosenberg, Zev Shanken, Carolyn Wells, and Steve Zeitlin for putting Brevitas 17 together, seeing that it got to all the members, and organizing them to read on the Vimeo. Enjoy.





Brevitas 17 was published by Autonomedia. You can check them out here:



  1. FANTASTIC! Thank you dear Don for this elegant edit!

  2. Thanks, Don! An awesome group. So glad to be part of it.


    What a treasure! Thnk u,
    Don fr your fantastic edit.

  4. Marieta Maglas

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful work, dear Don.

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