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On Reading Max Turns Yellow by Martha King


When I look back on my life as a reader, there are particular books I remember with pleasure because they drew me in as soon as I started them. Tom Sawyer was one, and Wuthering Heights—much to my surprise—was another; in fact, I read Wuthering Heights even while I was walking. I have a new book to add to that list now: Martha King’s Max Turns Yellow, which I finished in two sittings. I could, as they say, not put it down.

What makes a book enjoyable? I think it starts with surprises, unexpected sentences that appear effortlessly, an easy read, which takes a lot of effort, of course; Martha King has worked hard to carry us along. Max Turns Yellow is a murder mystery novel. In the earlier Max Sees Red there were many murders. There is only one murder in Max Turns Yellow, but there are many clues, and red herrings too.

Martha King reads four sections from Max Turns Yellow in the Vimeo below beginning at the beginning which was a good decision because the beginning masterfully sets up the story that is told.



Max Turns Yellow is published by Spuyten Duyvil Press. You can check it out here:




I would like to add a review of Martha King’s earlier Max Sees Red by Jim Feast in Sensitive Skin Magazine. Here it is:


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