Winter Paintings by Joan Eardley


Joan Eardley painted children in the slums of Glasgow and then lived in Catterline, a fishing village nobody went to. She found beauty in the often shabby common present. It is what I admire about her. The paintings below were painted in Catterline on the western coast of Scotland along the North Sea. I’m not sure if several of these painting were actually painted in the winter like her beehives from 1961, but I like them, and they seemed wintry enough to include here.


Winter Landscape, 1954. Oil on canvas


Winter Day, Catterline, 1957 – 60. Oil on calico


Snow, 1958. Oil on board


Fields Under Snow, 1958. Oil on canvas


Winter Sea, 1958. Oil on canvas


Winter Sea, III, 1958. Oil on board


Winter Sea, V, 1959. Oil on canvas


Beehives, 1961. Oil on board


Beehives, Storm Approaching, 1961. Oil on board


Stormy Sky over Catterline, 1960 – 63. Pastel on paper


Catterline in Winter, 1963. Oil on board


Joan Eardley painting Winter Sea, 1958













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