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Poems by Frank O’Hara transcribed by Ted Berrigan coming to us via Ken Angel Davis: The End Of The Far West


Ken Angel gave me a copy of The End Of The Far West, a collection of poems by Frank O’Hara that Ted Berrigan transcribed and mimeographed in 1974 with front and back cover art by Alice Notley. These poems were not published in Frank O’Hara’s collected work at the time although they are included now.

Joe Carey loaned Ken the original mimeograph which he had gotten via his father, the poet Steve Carey. Kenny scanned the pages and had replicas of the original printed at The Source, which is probably the oldest operating printing shop in the East Village owned and operated by Santo and Margaret Mollica.

Ken gave me his original scans to archive on the blog as well. I think of Ted Berrigan typing out Frank O’Hara perhaps changing a word or two consciously or unconsciously as he went along—I think of the monks copying out the poems of Catullus so when, as in the case of Catullus, the original gets lost, we are left with the valuable copy, unpublished poems of Frank O’Hara, for example, coming to us via Ted Berrigan.
















By the way, if you do need any printing, check out The Source right here and get it done:



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