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Joanna Fuhrman reads from To A New Era


On the Vimeo below, Joanna Fuhrman reads poems from her new book, To A New Era, published by Hanging Loose Press. I edited her twenty-four minute reading from the hour long Zoom book launch that took place on Saturday, April 17. The poems are a wild yet gentle surreal look at the world, a clash of cognitions, the wacky way life is, but not wary or afraid. The poems say, “Come in.” Their language—comfortable, modern, and amusing—engages, disarms, surprises, makes perfect sense, and entertains. And here they are. Enjoy them. 



Five scanned poems from To A New Era follow. They are also on the Vimeo so you can read along with Joanna Fuhrman if you want to.







To A New Era is published by Hanging Loose Press. You can check it out and buy it here:




Here is an informative review of To A New Era by the illuminating Chris Stroffolino:



Joanna Fuhrman


And here is Joanna Fuhrman’s website:



The recording of the Zoom book launch for To A New Era follows in its entirety below:


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