Arup Datta: June drawings: dreams and landscapes


Here are twenty-two drawings by Arup Datta, an artist friend of mine whose medium is his phone’s screen and a single finger tip for applying a limited choice of colors. Arup posted these on Facebook during the month of June, and I’ve selected from his prolific output mostly drawings of landscapes and dreams because they are especially sumptuous. Well, everything Arup Datta does is sumptuous. Enjoy.


the end flame


the wild, wild


the clouds the fakir with his ektara the fakir with his ektara


still life


study: monk


the dream


the hands


the dream


the dream


the dream


Landscape: Jampui Hills


the hills and the clouds


June 22


the river


the boats


the storm


the tong


the mangoes


the injury




the lovers


Arup Datta


  1. Greg Masters

    beautiful work


    that’s what poet Don Yorty has compiled ! All these drawings are made by way of using only index finger tip on the screen of android phone and colours were limited in the drawing app ! i am so grateful to Don Yorty !

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