Bina Sharif’s Rage on the Page


Over the years, I’ve enjoyed watching Bina Sharif work on stage. Her work is thoughtful, and often pulls comedy out of tragedy; she can be very funny like a stand up comic. 

On August 1st, Bina posted this on her Facebook page:

“This morning I lost a great great deal of my writing and it made me so angry at myself. Out of frustration and not being able to retrieve my play, I didn’t know what to do, so I did these drawings in a state of helplessness and rage. These are called, RAGE ON THE PAGE.”

Out of a dismal failure, like comedy from tragedy, Bina changed her frustration into creation with thirty-one sketches of fury. Her rage on the page is beautiful and, for me anyway, full of optimism. I really love them. They follow below in the order that Bina presented them on August the 1st, an inspiring day. Enjoy.




Bina Sharif

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